Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Phone:(03) 9836 1623

Daily Routines

Time Routine/Activity
7:00-8:00 am Breakfast and quiet indoor activities
8:00-9:00am Free indoor and outdoor play
9:00 am Morning Tea Time
9:30-11:00am Implement morning program inside or outside (weather permitting), children choose to play indoor or outdoor
11-11:30 am Baby/ Toddler group singing and story time; Kinder group discussion and learning time
11:30 am Lunch time
12:00-2:00 pm Children resting time
2:00-2:45 pm Free indoor and outdoor play, story time
2:45-3:00 pm Group discussion and learning time
3:00 pm Afternoon Tea Time
3:30-4:30 pm Implement Afternoon program (indoor/ outdoor, weather permitting)
4:30-5:30 pm Free Indoor and Outdoor play
5:30 pm Late afternoon Snack
5:45-6:30  Quiet indoor activities, story time

Our Playground

Balwyn ChildCare Centre

We have a natural outdoor play area with a large grass area and a sand pit for children to play and explore outdoors. The poles and posts in the play area are covered with safety post padding.

The children are encouraged to play with natural materials in a play based, open ended program which encourages children to learn, play and explore their environment.


Diverse Culture

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Balwyn ChildCare Centre

The children’s meals are prepared in our state of the art kitchen by the staff nutritionist, fresh daily and are served family style. We server healthy home cooked meals, snacks and drinks.

The Centre prepares and provides meals on the premises. Our objective is to lay good foundations for healthy eating habits.

In a long day care where a child is in care for 8 hours, we are required to offer 50% of the recommended Daily Intake (RDI's) for children aged one to five years.

3 serves of dairy = 300ml
2 serves of bread and cereals = 100 grams
1 serve of fruit = 150 grams
1 serve of vegetables = 75 grams
1 serve of meat = 45 grams

The Centre can also cater to vegetarian families and families who are only on Halah meats.

The centre menu operates on a 4-week cycle. Menus take into consideration the RDI’s (Recommended Daily Intake), the age of the children and the culture of the families using the centre. We endeavour to provide a variety of foods to accommodate everyone’s taste. We believe that offering a variety of textures, tastes and colour is important when preparing the meals. Water and milk will be available to the children throughout the day. The menus are displayed on the notice board and the kitchen for parents to view.

Our nutrition policy is to ensure that the centre staff adheres to the nutritional requirements for children in a long day care setting, and to provide meals that are nutritious, culturally appropriate and served to the children in an environment, which promotes food eating habits and social interactions. Meal times at the Centres are social occasions, and children are encouraged to help with the preparations of the tables, we believe that the presentation of the meals needs to look inviting for the children.

Menu planned within the centre includes food from the five basic food groups and included a variety of textures, flavours and colours.

As a requirement our cook is required to complete and upgrade a Food Handlers Course in accordance with the Food Safety Program and the Food Act 1984.

While handling food, disposable gloves are worn by our staff to avoid contamination. Strict hygiene procedures are followed in all food preparation.


Activity Board

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Our Library

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Working Hours

Balwyn Child Care Centre is open from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday, except for public holidays, and a possible break over the Christmas/New Year.


Child Care Benefit

The Child Care Benefit (CCB) is available for all families whose income meets the eligibility criteria. You can apply for the CCB at any one of the Family Assistance Office at Centre link office. This should be lodged prior to your child commencing care as CCB only applies from the date of lodgement.

Balwyn Child Care Centre is registered with the Government Childcare Benefit Program, and parents eligible for Childcare Benefit are required to bring in their CCB approval letter for reduced child care fees. Full fees will apply until the centre receives a letter from you stating that you are eligible for Child Care Benefit.

Application form and details are available on Centre link website. Please follow the Child Care Benefit link for more information


Child Medication

Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Parents are requested to inform the educators about the medication required for their child during the day.

We have a Medication record form to record the child's medicine details. Parents need to sign the medication form for any medication to be given.

Also please inform the correct procedure for storage and administering of medicines.

You can always speak with our friendly team to know more about the Medication procedure.


Enrolments for New kids in progress

Parents are welcome to visit the centre and speak with one of our friendly educators to check the progress of your child. You can also get the detailed information on the activities carried out through out the day.

Enrolment Application Form