Balwyn ChildCare Centre

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Loving and Caring Child Care Centre in Balwyn with lots of Activities.

We pass the message of Sharing and Caring
Balwyn ChildCare Centre

The children are encouraged to play with natural materials in a play based, open ended program which encourages children to learn, play and explore there environment.

Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Children love drawing and showing their creative work to others. As you can see, we encourage children to bring out their inner artistic skills and enjoy their day at Balwyn Child Care Centre.

Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Walking on the rope and balancing their movements gives good challenge to children and they enjoy it a lot.

Development and Learning outcomes from play experiences.

Splash Splash Splash fun with water
Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Water has universal appeal to children. They love to pour, dribble and splash. We do different activities to develop their imagination, questioning skills and negotiation.

Pretending activities of childhood
Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Pretending is a natural activity of childhood. The children gain experience with social interactions as they define roles, negotiate turns as favourite activities and play out these roles.

Cooking - A magical and rich experience for children
Balwyn ChildCare Centre

Cooking activities appeal to all the child's senses--- sight, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling. Experimenting in the kitchen can be one of a child's greatest joy. We have regular cooking experiences with the children at the Balwyn Child Care Centre.


Enrolments for New kids in progress

Parents are welcome to visit the centre and speak with one of our friendly educators to check the progress of your child. You can also get the detailed information on the activities carried out through out the day.

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